1. Importance of DOT Physicals

    Every other year the Department of Transportation requires its workers to undergo a physical evaluation by a medical professional. In order to maintain a commercial drivers license, these physicals must be completed by the due date, and each category must be passed. Men’s health services departments across the state will see DOT physicals come through their doors yearly. Men’s Vitality Clinic …Read More

  2. Diabetic Treatments

    Millions of Americans live their everyday lives affected by one of the most deadly diseases in the world. Diabetes is a disease that affects insulin production in two separate ways. Every single day people can die due to this preventable and treatable disease. Those who do not control their diabetes are likely to suffer major health problems and even death.  Thankfully scientific research has co…Read More

  3. Possible Negative Side Effects of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

    For men who struggle with the negative side effects of low testosterone, testosterone replacement therapy can be a miracle. While it may be embarrassing and uncomfortable to talk about the side effects of low testosterone, there is help available. Testosterone replacement therapy may be the perfect way to combat the effects of low testosterone. Before any treatment plan is set into place, talk wit…Read More

  4. Erectile Dysfunction and Low Testosterone

    Low testosterone levels can affect many aspects of your life from how you look to how you perform in the bedroom. Suffering from the negative side effects of low testosterone may not be attributed to the normal aging process. Men of all ages can struggle with the side effects of low testosterone levels. While we understand that discussing your sexual and personal problems may be embarrassing, we p…Read More

  5. How Age Affects Testosterone Levels

    Testosterone replacement therapy is one way that men with low testosterone levels can battle negative side effects. Testosterone is one of the most important hormones in the male body. There are many reasons as to why testosterone levels decrease over time. It is estimated that 4-5 million men in the United States suffer from low testosterone levels. It should be noted that low testosterone levels…Read More

  6. Negative Side Effects of Low Testosterone

    Testosterone is one of the most important male hormones in the human body. It is responsible for sexual and reproductive development. Testosterone is also extremely important for the development of the male sex organs and secondary sex characteristics. Testosterone is also responsible for sex drive, sperm production, maintenance of muscle mass and strength, fat distribution, and much more. When a…Read More

  7. Complications of Diabetes

    Patients who are non-compliant run the risk of diabetic complications. Diabetes management plans are put into effect by your personal physician to decrease the risk of complications, ill health, and death. A management plan should be thoroughly discussed with your physician when a diabetic diagnosis was first made. Sticking to the right management plan will also ensure that a patient will live a h…Read More

  8. Symptoms of Diabetes

    Diabetes management is made much easier with early detection of the disease. If you are an individual who has many of the risk factors of diabetes, it is best to be examined by your physician immediately. Sometimes, risk factors are not the only sign that diabetes may be present. Some individuals who are diagnosed with diabetes had none of the risk factors, they were seen by their physician based …Read More

  9. Risk Factors of Diabetes

    Understanding diabetes goes far beyond understand the type of disorder you are dealing with. Many people do not understand what puts them at risk for getting diabetes. Others, they just do not ask. It is time that everyone understands that there are things you can do in your life to decrease the overall probability of getting diabetes. Diabetes management is contingent upon decreasing risk factors…Read More

  10. What is Diabetes?

    Diabetes is one of the major health problems within the United States. In the past 50 years it has become a growing problem among all races, genders, social classes, and age brackets. Diabetes can affect anyone at any age. Even though it is a very common problem, some people still do not really understand what this disease is and how it occurs. If you are unsure of the actual disease, how are you …Read More