In the world we live in today, if something doesn’t directly impact us it’s hard to give it much thought. One of those conditions that we often forget about is high blood pressure. This a big health problem that’s affecting more and more of us each year. In fact, one in every three Americans has high blood pressure – that’s about 65 million people.  Unfortunately, many of these people don’t even realize they have high blood pressure, thus allowing the disease to cause further damage and spiral out of control. Don’t let high blood pressure get the best of you, protect yourself and your loved ones from the effects of high blood pressure and see the Men’s Vitality Center today.

But what is high blood pressure?

Blood pumping through your veins and circulatory system is under pressure much like the oil pumping through your engine and hoses. Just like too much built up oil pressure can do some serious damage to your engine, uncontrolled high blood pressure can cause serious, and sometimes permanent, damage to your heart, kidneys, eyes, brain, and more!

What causes high blood pressure?

Diet can play a big factor when it comes to developing, or worsening, high blood pressure. Obesity, too much salt and alcohol can all play a big role. Too much stress and too little physical activity can make high blood pressure difficult to manage.  Don’t forget that high blood pressure oftentimes runs in families. It’s your responsibility to make sure that you receive proper high blood pressure treatment and educate yourself so that your family can live healthier lives, too.

Despite the seemingly gloomy statistics, high blood pressure isn’t inevitable and can certainly be prevented. There’s plenty that you can do with and without the help of a medical professional to prevent or manage the condition.

Consider your diet. As one of the leading contributors to high blood pressure, your diet can play a big role in helping to prevent or treat the condition. A diet high in fruits and vegetables and low-fat or non-dairy products is a great place to start.  Another thing to cut down on is salt which raises blood pressure.  You can often see positive results within 2 weeks when following this diet.

Be more active. Along with a smarter diet, exercise can help prevent and slow down the progression of high blood pressure. The more active you are, the less risk you have of developing hypertension.

Get rid of your bad habits. We’re sure that your friends and family would appreciate you drinking less and quitting smoking. As a start, men who drink should stick to no more than 2 drinks a day.

Here at the Men’s Vitality Center, we focus on men’s health. As the leading men’s health center, we can help you with effectively managing your health.  From high blood pressure, to weight loss, to erectile dysfunction and everything in between…we can help. Call us today to schedule your appointment!